We believe that, Images are complex to understand, but they have enough cues to reveal the structure of the world. Thus, our primary goal is to interpret these cues!

The goal of VIL is to make real time intelligent vision systems. Such systems can acquire the domain knowledge through vision and take appropriate decisions in real time. Now a days, Vision algorithms are having high impact in our everyday lives. There are many potential applications such as moving object detection, facial expression analysis, tracking and gesture analysis, medical imaging, biometric, anomaly detection etc. The VIL group, led by Dr. Santosh Kumar Vipparthi, is trying to develop machine and deep learning algorithms for image understanding and object recognition.

                                         Change/Moving Object Detection
                                         Object Detection
                                         Aerial Scene Analysis
                                         Autonomous Driving
                                                                                 More Details

                                             Macro Emotion Analysis
                                             Micro Emotion Analysis
                                             Pain Detection
                                             Depression Analysis
                                                                                 More Details

Anomaly Detection and Analysis

                                           Explosion Detection
                                          Road Accident
                                         Fighting Detection

Content Based Image Retrieval