Timestamp aware Aberrant Detection and Analysis in Big Visual Data using Deep Learning Architecture

Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB): SERB/EEQ/2017/000673

Funding Agency: Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology (SERB-DST, 2018)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Santosh Kumar Vipparthi
JRF/Ph.D. Scholar: Kuldeep Marotirao Biradar
Introduction: The proposed system removes the onus of detecting aberrance situations from the manual operator; and rather, places it on the video surveillance system. The present technologies are fails to recognize aberration in video sequences. These aberrances occur over a small-time window. Thus, recognizing with its timeframe from a big visual data is really challenging task. Hence, our focus is on problems, where we are given a set of nominal training videos samples. Based on these samples need to determine whether or not a test video contains an aberration and what instant it occurs. Similarly, we aim to significantly reduce the time and human effort by automating the task and improving the accuracy by recognizing aberrances with its timestamp. Further, exploit the aberrance activity of the object by modeling the rich motion patterns in selected region, effectively capturing the underlying intrinsic structure they form in the video. Implementation of this system can be beneficial for intelligent agencies, banks, departmental stores, traffic monitoring on highway, airport terminal check-in, sports, medical field, and robotics etc.


Anomaly Detection in Traffic Videos

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New Anamoly Dataset

A custom dataset was generated in a staged/controlled environment. We shot from four strategically placed cameras simultaneously to capture multiple views of same scene. The videos were recorded at four different locations in different times of the day. The scenes involve normal data, fight happening in different scenarios, snatching, kidnapping etc. Scenes were shot indoor/outdoor, in natural light-artificial light, low light as well to cover illumination changes. The videos were recorded from varied distances to capture subjects with varying size. Post processing yielded usable clips of approx. 90 minutes (90x60x30x4= 648000 frames). Snippet for the same are depicted in the figure.


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